You want to make it work with a man romantically.

You know that you have “have to be feminine” around the man.

But what about those times you’re in a funk? How do you flip the switch?

Especially when…

--you have a date and you’re “in your head” with doubt and fear and not feeling relaxed and playful

--you have date night with your husband/boyfriend and you’re stressed from your long day and feeling sexy isn’t on your mind

--you don’t feel girly, flirty and sexy around men, and that stresses you out to the point you’re considering living as a nun for the rest of your life.

To compound it all, you have read that men like women who turn them on and have an easy-going/approachable/warm vibe to them.

Sometimes you want that but feel awkward delivering on that.

Here’s the answer…Funk Grind

Funk Grind is an 8 ½ minute exacting dance video choreographed for you to bring out your inner sexy Goddess self to awaken the feminine siren lurking within.

It’s one thing to read about being a siren, it’s another to have the dancer-vibe movements that you can practice and do designed to reset your vibe in 8 minutes!

All without being cheesy or over-the-top with hardcore stripper moves.

It’s more Beyonce-ish, girly and sure, you could perform this for your guy!

The dance-like movements were set during the creative phase to Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl” which is a sexy fun song about the man needing you, craving you.

In other words, you’ve got the power he wants!

Of course Mr. Timberlake isn’t granting permission for the use of his song, however, you can play that song at home with this video, or use our music in the dance or use your own song that brings your siren out to play!!

But I don’t dance…

Now you will!

After years of teaching beginners, this was designed to gently push you out of your “rut” zone of comfort and into your “alluring” zone that a guy craves.

Yes, men like sex and easy to be around women.

You bring both, and he will be yours.

By getting you out of your “I’m in charge” mode, you will be driven into your vulnerable side—which is feminine—and straight into your love and his.

The “grind” part of Funk Grind is a throwback to vaudeville when burlesque dancers were known for their bump & grind… hips swinging, flash and sass, and CONFIDENCE.

This video is proven to:

--tease out the seemingly opposite notions of vulnerability and confidence. Yes, you can be open and vulnerable (nothing to hide) and feel confident that your guy will love you all the more.

Women like to be in charge and strong--

but men like you soft and feminine!

--shift your funky mood and replace it with a sense of feeling free, softly energized, and playful.

--make you feel open.


It is an amazing all over body toner. Nothing like running a marathon and sweating.

But it’s so mindfully meditative for making you feel present and leaving the day’s problems, emails and conversations set aside.

It’s the shift your man will LOVE and crave!

Yes, indeed.

What video is:

1. The Rehearsal. Just as though you were in the dance room, the demonstrators are facing forward so that you can see the moves and learn using your right arm as they use their right arm.

2. The Rehearsal is slowed down and described in detail so that you can repeat over and over until you feel that you’ve got the moves.

3. The Performance. You can perform to footage shot with you in the back of the performers just like the Rehearsal so you are using the same arm as them or you can dance to the Performance facing camera and either test your knowledge as they use what appears to be their opposite side or you can play with doing the dance from the other side. Lots of options!

4. Doing Funk Grind, in 8 ½ minutes not only lifts the muscles up, it lifts your spirits up and out of the day-to-day living in masculine mode which for you as a woman, creates a FUNK!

5. It drives you into your feminine by not reading about or thinking about being feminine, but actually being feminine!

Funk Grind Let’s You Flip The Switch To Feminine

Whether you are doing this for you to distance yourself from your day and center yourself into your own feminine love vibe or you want to get yourself ready for your man…and if he’s living with you, you’ll want to do this every night, it will radically shift you from feeling like a “work robot” to “sexy, approachable siren” in 8 ½ minutes.

Men Like Sexy And Easy

Not too many years ago, being “easy” was the mark of the bad girl in high school who had wanton sex with many boys—she was known as an easy mark or target.

But easy in a woman for men means: easy-going.

And that’s the slippery slope for women.

You might find yourself trying to be easy going and becoming a doormat and taking abuse that you should not.

Easy going is more about being non-judgmental, not harsh, not critical, not needy of him, not angry because you can’t take care of your internal processing of your feelings.

Easy going is about sharing your feelings so that your man can know “where you are at the moment” and both of you can dive into more intimate conversation just from you sharing your feelings.

Easy going is also about being. Just being. Like a woman with a softness, open heart and exuding warmth and listening to him.

All of those things are hard to do when you as a woman are in masculine take care of the kids mode or career mode. That is fast paced, get it done, do it now, faster, you did that wrong so do it like this instead, why didn’t you do what you said and where and what are we doing.

That vibe scares a man into another county or country.

This is where Funk Grind comes in.

You can’t THINK your way into feminine because thinking is masculine and feminine is being and letting life wash over you and standing up for yourself calmly when needed.

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Use Funk Grind to re-center yourself.

Use Frunk Grind to shift your mind which shifts your body which shifts your whole vibe.

Vibes can be read across the table or in the grocery store.

Emit the feminine signals and have guys craving your attention.

Order here.

To do sections of the dance, you will need a chair.

Copyright © 2016 Christine Rich Hanson